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By answering questions

Start taking questions in just 60 seconds. By opening your Unknot page, sell your great minds to your audience and make the askers earn money too.

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A new model for creators.

Our triple-win model rewards you for your influence. We are committed to creating the easiest way to monetize your audience.

Your audience can pay to ask questions.

We're building a future where Twitter creators can easily monetize their audience in a snap.

Others can pay $1 to peek at your answers.

Everyone is curious about your great mind. And they are just $1 away from it.

You & the asker each get 50% of the peek money.

Both you and the asker will benefit from this, and it will lead to a steady stream of good Q&A.

A No-BS product you can count on.

Unknot is a well-designed, simple, and friendly way to monetize your audiences. It's not a tip jar; it's a sustainable, scalable business.

Monetize in a snap.

Master your own milk flow.

  • Ben Trantow
    Peek your answer.
  • Ja Paucek
    Ask you a question
  • Dr. Abraham DuBuque
    Peek your answer.

Get your audience to pay for your insights.

Automatically generate your Twitter cards.

When you are sharing your Unknot profile, instead of a simple link, a more engaging card appears on the timeline, and it is automated. No worries!

A business that can be started in minutes.

Stop writing ebooks and tutorials. Unknot makes monetization so easy. We are trying to create a community that links great minds and curious souls, a money-driven one, of course. And you can calculate below how much you and the asker can earn.

Your question price set as:
$59 per question
How many peeks you estimate:
500 peeks per question

Your estimated
earning is:


Your asker’s estimated earning is:


Create your account in a snap.

Unknot is based on Twitter. All you need to do is log in via Twitter, and we'll set everything up. Don't worry about your name or your avatar. They're all from Twitter. One-click, then done.

Share your Unknot link to Twitter.

Set your price and share your Unknot link on Twitter. Pinning at the top is better. So your audiences can click on the Unknot link to pay and ask questions.

Answer then get paid.

Answer questions from your audience, like your thought on the recent bitcoin spike. Show off your great mind, then get paid. Sweet! And there's more.

Share your answer to Twitter so others can peek at for $1.

You can share the question and answer to Twitter so your audiences can get a sneak peek for $1, and you & the questioner get a 50-cent cut each. Imagine if 500 people had peeked at your answer. Lots of money!


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